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Pick a cabin (and the number of people traveling) for
Cabin Type # of passengers
Interior (MM), ~141 sq ft (picture)
Better Interior (K), ~196 sq ft (picture)
Better Interior (J), ~196 sq ft (picture)
Fully-obstructed Outside (GG), ~172 sq ft
Better Ocean View (D), ~181 sq ft (picture)
Best Ocean View (C), ~181 sq ft (picture)
Verandah (VF), ~254 sq ft incl. balcony
Verandah (VD), ~254 sq ft incl. balcony (picture)
Verandah (VC), ~254 sq ft incl. balcony (picture)
Verandah (VB), ~254 sq ft incl. balcony (picture)
Verandah on Stern (VA), ~274 sq ft incl. balcony (picture)
Superior Verandah (SS), ~398 sq ft incl. balcony (picture)
Deluxe Verandah Suite (SA), ~510 sq ft incl. balcony (picture)

Please click here if you need more than one cabin.

Two of the beds can be joined. Do you want them...

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How many hotel nights before
How many hotel nights after

Is anyone in the group physically challenged?

Does anyone in the group have any special medical or dietary needs?

Are you celebrating a special occasion?

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